Good Morning Writers! ~ 3 Thoughts on New Years Resolutions

January 2019

No resolutions this year but goals. We’ll see how it works ๐Ÿ™‚

January 2018

Not sure yet, how I deal with 2018 and goals for it. But my thoughts in January 2015 might help:

January 2015

How is your writing going? Are you planning ahead or do you wing it?

Of course, it is still the time of the good old New Years resolution and thinking planning ahead or winging it is on top of everybody’s agenda. I think it is time to have a closer look at New Years and other resolutions.

And I have three thoughts on the New Years Resolution

  1. Bad Reputation of the New Years Resolution
  2. Pro’s of the New Years Resolution
  3. How New Years Resolutions can work

There is probably much more you can say and write about any goal-related topic, but I will keep it at that. So let’s have a look at number 1:

1. Bad Reputation of the New Years Resolution

In Germany, they say: “The way to hell is plastered with good intentions”. All of us act in many parts of our life not very responsible and so often we decide: Now I change something:


  • I’ll write every day
  • I’ll work out every day
  • I’ll cook healthier…

… you name your own!

These are all things we feel we should be doing, but let’s be honest: We don’t
really want to. We rather end up in our own personal hell than to change something. And that gives the New Years and other resolutions quite a bad reputation. We think about what we should be doing, but that’s about it. Many people just don’t do resolutions anymore, and maybe it works out better for them.

2. Pro’s of the New Years Resolution

On the other hand though to set yourself a goal to achieve something is not a bad thing. Emil Oesch pinpoints it down quite correctly when he said: “A Person without a plan is like a ship without a rudder”. You won’t get anywhere if you do not have a goal that gives you direction and guides you through the different steps to achieve it. We all have goals, but we might not be clearly aware of what those goals are. So how could it work to set yourself a New Years Resolution that you don’t chuck out after a week?

3. How New Years Resolutions can work

In my opinion, there are a few steps you can take to make the New Years Resolution work.

First of all, find out what you want. All those “I should” won’t get you anywhere no matter how healthy or successful they may sound. You will only do and set your mind to what you really want to do. Therefore figure out what you want in the New Year without any “Should’s” in the back of your mind.

Of course, there will still be things that stop you from achieving those. If you’d only have to figure out what you really want, I would not need to write this post.
Mostly we stop ourselves from achieving our New Resolutions because deep down we are afraid. What are we scared of?

Maybe it is losing our friends if we suddenly not go to the pub on a Friday but instead hit the gym. Maybe we are afraid we will be broke for the rest of our life if we start writing that novel we always wanted to write. Or we are afraid to make a fool of ourselves if we try to change anything in our life.

The hard bit is to figure out what this fear might be. Think about a person who has achieved what you want to get to. What do you believe about them? Let’s say you plan to write that novel. Think of authors who have written books what do you believe about them?

Maybe you suppose they were just lucky and have no talent. Often you think about others what you accept as truth about yourself. In this case, this would be: “I have no talent for writing!”

Do that little exercise for all your goals that you would like to achieve but you can’t so far. Then change the negative belief into a positive affirmation: “I am a talented writer!” Write this sentence down every morning five times or write it on a post-it and stick where you can see it often. The funny thing is that your subconscious will take over this positive believe which will change your behavior.

That bit is the tricky one. There are two other tips I want to add:

Two other tips

  • set yourself small goals
  • allow yourself time out

Of course, we want to write that novel, but it’s really a little intimidating to think about roundabout 50 000 words to write. On the other hand though if you only write 500 words every day you will have written 182500 in a year. That’s a hell of a lot done in little tiny steps.

And last but not least. Even if you have not written or exercised on Monday. It doesn’t matter. Just start again on Tuesday. It’s the “start again” that counts and besides often that time-out allows your subconscious to adjust to the new habit. From then on it will be more a part of yourself.

Your Best Tips for working New Years Resolutions

These were my thoughts on the New Years Resolution but what about yours? Do you have additional ideas how to tackle your goals or do you do it entirely different? I would love to hear from you!

ย January 2018

Something to write down New Years Resolutions:

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5 thoughts on “Good Morning Writers! ~ 3 Thoughts on New Years Resolutions

    1. LOL I somehow have resigned to the fact that nothing in my life works as planned. From now on I just go with the flow and let the universe decide where it wants me and what it wants me to change ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. I never do them, cause I feel like if you wanna change a thing, you could just start when you think of it. I do support others, for many, it’s a tradition and they make their progress accordingly.


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