Bee’s Poem of the Day: Another Year 🌻

Hello dear readers, how are you doing. I hope your day is as good as mine: open fire, the best husband is cooking and a delicious birthday cake is waiting for me. So, I am off to have my delicious treats 😁. See you later 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊 Another year came Hopes, wishes, expectations Let’s have birthday cake Continue reading Bee’s Poem of the Day: Another Year 🌻

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Tackling Brexit

Hello everybody, how are you doing? I hope life is treating you well and if not: remember you rock no matter the bumps in the road. I was listening to last week’s Brexitcast in which a creative person made a vinyl with the “Brexitdisco”. He said Brexit caused him lots of anxiety and he wanted to change the whole sorry business into something positive. Haven’t … Continue reading Bee’s Poem of the Day: Tackling Brexit

Making money ~ A #poem/Geld verdienen

Foreign like a gem I arrive at work every day In this little world of its own a Titanic not yet sunken recession after recession It is steadfast even though the crew is defecting But who cares about humans when we can make money? Fremd wie ein Diamant komme ich zur Arbeit Tag fuer Tag Es ist eine kleine Welt fuer sich Eine Titanic noch … Continue reading Making money ~ A #poem/Geld verdienen

Cassandra ~ A #poem

This poem was first posted in 2017 and it was not especially written for 9/11. But I feel it fits for commemorating this day that changed everything. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone whose life was touched by these events. Cassandra Sister Can you hear me? I am calling out To those who want to listen. They do not understand. They do not understand … Continue reading Cassandra ~ A #poem