A last hurray for the tenth #frapalymo

Can you believe it? May is over and with that #frapalymo. Even though I haven’t written a lot of poems last week and neither have read a lot I will miss it. But I have a lot to read up with many brilliant poets taking part in #frapalymo. Thanks @FrauPaulchen for one of my favourite poetry projects ever! Am looking forward to November 2016 and … Continue reading A last hurray for the tenth #frapalymo

English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 30may16

Ooops, so long and I haven’t written a poem 😦 but sometimes life throws changes at you and you have to roll with it. But what about today’s prompt? you are unbelievable! the dynamic increases with the coming end of #frapalymo! i think we haven’t had that so far! please feel hearted and hugged for your wonderful texts and words!  at every round lot in … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 30may16

English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 29may16

Only 3 prompts left until May #frapalymo 2016 ends. But all good things come in threes :-): the last three prompts of this tenth poetry month go to the fullest and celebrate writing, looking back, the main things and what might come… i am really happy that so many of you are taking part again but also so many taking part for the first time … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 29may16

English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 28may16

Normal, crazy or what? 😉 what is normal, right? that your texts aren’t normal but very beautiful is what you prove daily. and the texts about the crazy? or maybe moved around texts (the word for crazy in German can also mean “moved around” @FrauPaulchen uses a wordplay here that doesn’t work in English. sorry) i am curious.  unsurprisingly: the fraplymo prompt for may 28th is: “crazy”. … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 28may16

English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 27may16

Let’s get versing with @FrauPaulchen’s prompt from yesterday for today: we have newly defined the impression of tightness  i think ~ thank you very much for such lovely and touching sardine tin macros…!   we arrive at the last double prompt for this poetry month. the frapalymo prompt for may 27th is: „normal“, followed up by a “crazy” prompt for may 28th. is normal really so different … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 27may16

English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 26may16

Yesterday was cinematic today will be claustrophobic 😉 : it was big cinema today with our poetry month ~ i am still behind with putting links and tweeting but hopefully you bear with me. slowly we bring in all we have because the countdown has started a while ago. counting down we arrived at one hand! time for a macro picture to have a close … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 26may16

English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 25may16

I’m translating this in a hurry, sorry: i haven’t read all of today’s poems yet but i am already looking forward to reading all your “cut off” texts. it goes on not cut off at all but with pictures cranking out.  #frapalymo prompt for may 25th is: “film title” use a film title in your text ~ either word for word or use it as an image. … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poetry prompt on 25may16

English #frapalymo #poem on 24may16

Sorry, for not posting a poem to yesterday’s prompt but I was just not up for it after work. Today though is my day off and I can verse as much as I like 🙂   If you want to take part in the English #frapalymo poetry project version: Here is how: Suggestions for taking part in English #frapalymo read the translation of @FrauPaulchen’s prompt  … Continue reading English #frapalymo #poem on 24may16