A last #frapalymo poetry prompt for 2016

It is the last day of #frapalymo in November 2016 and I can’t wait to find out what changes @FrauPaulchen has planned. Change is in the air. I can smell it ;-). But for today we’ll follow a tradition 🙂 ~ here is @FrauPaulchen’s prompt: traraa! here it is: the last prompt for the last poem for this compact poetry month in November twentysixteen. tomorrow … Continue reading A last #frapalymo poetry prompt for 2016

#frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 29nov16

Without much ado: here is the prompt: you can’t ignore the fact anymore: mrs paulchen’s poetry month is nearing the end. some will say “at last” (yea, heike?! :-)(this is a link to a rather ironic German poem about the end of #frapalymo) others will be sad. it often is both like with many double prompts. today is the last but one prompt , then the … Continue reading #frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 29nov16

Double #frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 27/28nov16

Sorry my dear fellow #frapalymoists, that I have not posted a prompt for two days. We had a family emergency and I needed to be there for them so there was no time for posting. Only my scheduled posts were published. All is well now so no need for worrying and I am back to translating the last few prompts for #frapalymo in November 2016. … Continue reading Double #frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 27/28nov16

#frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ creature/wesen

Looks like I couldn’t properly get away from yesterday’s prompt 🙂 creature creature where? creature there? creature? ********** claws? mabye! scars? maybe! dark? maybe? ********** creature where? creature there? creature? ********** inside our boxes we perceive creatures ~ creatures as creatures Sieht so aus, als ob ich den gestrigen impuls noch nicht ganz gehen lassen kann 🙂 Wesen wesen wo? wesen da? wesen? ********** klauen? vielleicht! … Continue reading #frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ creature/wesen

#frapalymo poetry prompt ~25nov16

Even though I thought last night I couldn’t create anything of worth, obviously I made something someone liked :-). Thanks @FrauPaulchen for your compliment and this wonderful poetry project.It always makes me happy :-)! love it! “…verse eat sleep repeat…” #frapalymo no 24 von @Morgaine620 https://t.co/mgrFBjc6Dz — Sophie Paulchen (@FrauPaulchen) November 25, 2016 And now with no further ado into today’s prompt: sometimes you discover … Continue reading #frapalymo poetry prompt ~25nov16

#frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ Eat, Sleep…

I am rather tired and uninspired. Therefore I have no hopes that I can create anything of worth. But maybe all I need is a little playing around. @FrauPaulchen’s prompt reminded me of a song which I didn’t really like but it just fitted the description ;-). (Sorry, I am too tired to create something German too…..) Eat, sleep… Eat, sleep, write, repeat. Eat, sleep, … Continue reading #frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ Eat, Sleep…

#frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 24nov16

Sorry, for rather being late with the translation of the prompt but I was working a full day today and then the family needed some food. So with no further ado into @FrauPaulchen’s #frapalymo prompt no 24. thank you for your pantoums! it is one of my most favourite and most surprising poetic form! repetitions sometimes are a pure magic – no matter if you … Continue reading #frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 24nov16

#frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ green/gruen

Ok, I feel inspired but I am not sure I am up for a pantoum. Never mind. Here we go: A little lesson in green! Avocado is oh so green Asparagus a little less Mint though grows a little darker Lime gives hope for parker? Asparagus a little less Viridian never heard before Lime gives hope for parker? Teal is good for marker? Viridian never … Continue reading #frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ green/gruen