Bee’s poetry challenge for Carol anne, perhaps love…

This week, Bee has challenged me to write a poem with the words, perhaps love, in it! So here I go! I take her up on the challenge! Perhaps love... is a fleating thing do I believe in it? I am not sure Only time will tell Perhaps love... Is a whisper on the wind … Continue reading Bee’s poetry challenge for Carol anne, perhaps love…

Bee’s poetry prompt for Carol anne!

This week, bee gave me a great poetry prompt. It was "I can hear and smell the new year". Isnt that great? Here's my attempt at a poem using that prompt! The new year mostly it brings good cheer for me it brings much change i can feel it hear it even smell it resolutions … Continue reading Bee’s poetry prompt for Carol anne!

Merry christmas from Carol anne!

Hi all Just want to wish all of bee's followers a merry Christmas! I hope you all have a great holiday! I have only been collaborating on this blog a short time. I am honoured to be able to do it! I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas season and a peaceful new year! … Continue reading Merry christmas from Carol anne!

History, Brexit and me…

December 2018 I can't believe we are nearly at the end of the Brexit process and a deal is here to be talked about. In this post that I wrote in 2016 just before the referendum, I said, that I do not know how I will think about the people in the UK afterwards. I … Continue reading History, Brexit and me…

I am taking my power back because what I eat is important.

December 2018 Well, that one didn't work out. I learned to make a ton of bread but haven't started any jam, yoghurt or cheese making yet... January 2018 Yes, I know, I am repeating this taking power back thing continuously. I hope you can bear with me because I will keep on about it for … Continue reading I am taking my power back because what I eat is important.

Auf Entdeckungsreise gehen…

Bloedsinn. Das ist alles Bloedsinn. Verantwortungsvolle Erwachsene tun das nicht. Die bleiben in ihrer comfort zone. Gibts dafuer ein deutsches Wort? Wohlfuehlbereich. Ja da bleiben wir drin. Denn das ist vernuenftig. Wir muessen vernuenftig sein. Vernuenftige Menschen zerstoeren die Umwelt, fangen Kriege an und missbrauchen Kinder und andere Menschen. Hast Du mal ueberlegt wie vernuenftig … Continue reading Auf Entdeckungsreise gehen…

The end is here…/ Das Ende ist hier

November 2018 this post from October 2012 still resonates with me. I am just not quite sure if we really make something of our new possibilities or if we have to fall back into the dark ages first. October 2012 It's not even December and already the earthquakes, tsunamis and storms have started. No, I … Continue reading The end is here…/ Das Ende ist hier

Carolanne poetry prompt from Bee!

This week Bee has given me a wonderful prompt to write on. It is sand between my toes. So without further ado I give you my poem. walking on a beach white sand glistening softly it squishes between my toes I can feel it so delicate so soft, such a beautiful feeling I could walk … Continue reading Carolanne poetry prompt from Bee!

Grandma’s stories/ Oma’s Geschichten

November 2018 My grandmother passed away in 2013 and I wish I'd spent more time to hear her stories June 2012 I guess I got my love for telling stories from my grandma. She drove me nuts when I was younger and she started to tell one of her tales how it was when she … Continue reading Grandma’s stories/ Oma’s Geschichten

Rather speechless/Ziemlich sprachlos

November 2018 I was speechless then and I am even more speechless now seeing where all this has lead... June 2012 This morning I saw the BBC feature about Germany's Nazi's and heard the German politician Peter Altmaier say that there were indications of high activity of right-wing groups since a long time but it … Continue reading Rather speechless/Ziemlich sprachlos