Secret Fishing Spot ~ #whatif prompt 2.10.18

Wow, Karen definitely challenged me with this one: I do not like fishing and am stopping to eat fish even though I like it. But it looks to me like fish are eating too much of the plastic that we thoughtlessly let swim in the sea so I am put off a little. But we know … Continue reading Secret Fishing Spot ~ #whatif prompt 2.10.18

#photooftheday ~ Sunsets in North Norfolk, UK

Today I want to share a couple of photos with you that I took around Christmas from our front room. I am always amazed how gorgeous the sunsets are in North Norfolk ever since we moved to this part of the country in 2013. And these are particularly glorious even though the images just capture … Continue reading #photooftheday ~ Sunsets in North Norfolk, UK

Last Night I heard the Owl hoot….

September 2018 I first published this post in March 2018 March 2018 I woke up at around 3 am this morning when the husband tried to get our greyhound to go up the stairs. She is rather self-sufficient this dog. You could also call it stubborn 🙂 but I am trying to change my linguistics … Continue reading Last Night I heard the Owl hoot….

10 Of My Favourite Photos

Sometimes you just have to shut up. Sit down and go inside yourself to figure out what really counts. Where to go and how to get on. Photos can help with that. That is why I share 10 of my favourite photos with you.   Fellow Bloggers SHARING PHOTOS: Sarah's Fave Photo Blog: Colorful San Miguel … Continue reading 10 Of My Favourite Photos