Poem on Friday: Whole

April 2019 Soul searching for a year has helped to become more whole. It is a good feeling! September 2017 Feeling whole was one of my goals from the moment my life was shattered when my mother passed away. Not sure I am there yet but the “Lost Souls” series of poems certainly has helped to get there. The “Lost Souls” series is a series … Continue reading Poem on Friday: Whole

Poem on Friday: Where is home?/Wo ist zu Hause?

March 2019 Just before the referendum, I had started to feel at home in the UK. Maybe that is why Brexit bothers me so much. It took away the feeling of being “at home” here. September 2017 A question I have asked many times since last years referendum. Here is my answer from April 2012: Where is home? soft hills full of myth and beauty … Continue reading Poem on Friday: Where is home?/Wo ist zu Hause?

Poem on Friday ~ My Mug full of Luck

September 2018 One I just had to re-share even though it is not Friday the 13th 😉 June 2014 On Friday the 13th one really should write a poem about bad luck, but as it happens 13 is my lucky number. Yes, my fellow pupils at school nicknamed me pretty early “Little Witch” which is a famous children’s book in Germany. And guess what: the … Continue reading Poem on Friday ~ My Mug full of Luck

Poetry Friday ~ Outsider

Outsider   Witch Ginger Camel Clumsy Lazy   Real and imagined Insults I Suffered so Often.   Never Belonged Anywhere.   Maybe That’s Just a feeling   But   Isn’t feeling it All That matters?     Fellow Bloggers writing poetry: But I smile anyway: COLLEEN’S WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY POETRY CHALLENGE #Tanka #Cinquain #Haiku #74: Renew & Fresh The Fairy Whisperer: COLLEEN’S WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE … Continue reading Poetry Friday ~ Outsider