SELF-Awareness Sunday ~ How dare I?

April 2019 Do some topics never change? Maybe I have several lessons still to learn… 😦 April 2015 A few weeks ago I started “SELF-Awareness Sunday” just to not do it for the next few Sunday’s. I seem to go through a profound change since I have hosted “Love Is In Da Blog“. Not sure why exactly that has kick-started a new cycle in healing … Continue reading SELF-Awareness Sunday ~ How dare I?

Blast from the Past: SELF-Awareness Sunday No1: Monster

February 2019 Oops… March 2015 There is a monster in me! Yes, a real ugly monster. Some prefer to call it “your shadow self” but for me, it is a proper monster. My boss and my co-workers made sure I had a real easy work day yesterday and all I could think was:”Oh, they just want to show me how slow and bad I work!” … Continue reading Blast from the Past: SELF-Awareness Sunday No1: Monster

SELF-Awareness Sunday

February 2019 I might start this again. Anyone interested? September 2014 For a while, I will fill this lovely blog of mine with some great meme’s. I love Colleen’s “Mindful Monday” and “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” which I usually do on another day as I do love “Wordless Wednesday” and I prefer doing that on the day.”Teaser Tuesday” I have just discovered and I love it … Continue reading SELF-Awareness Sunday

SELF-Awareness Sunday ~ Mental Health

December 2018 This is a post that I published first in April 2015. This project doesn’t run officially anymore but if you like it, I am going to re-instate it… 🙂 April 2015 One topic that is on top of my list is mental health. Dealing with depression since being a teenager and now knowing that I suffer from PTSD due to abuse in my … Continue reading SELF-Awareness Sunday ~ Mental Health