Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

Hi peeps, how are you doing? I hope life and this Tuesday is treating you well. Before we begin I am sharing yesterday’s bi-lingual poem with you that I shared on my social  media: This colour and buzzing opens my heart. Is there a future? Diese Farbe und das Summen oeffnen mein Herz. Gibt es eine Zukunft? And then for good measure a quote that … Continue reading Happy Good News Tuesday to you All

SoCS compliments…

or complements???? Is that a word in English? Who knows….. Well, I know now as I just checked with Leo. What you don’t know Leo? It’s an online dictionary that translates German into different languages. I wouldn’t be the blogger I am without Leo :-). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I like all of them: the compliment to compliment the complement and to complement They seem to me to … Continue reading SoCS compliments…

A One-Liner Stream of Consciousness Saturday

This line takes part in Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Please follow the link to find the prompt and other brilliant posts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry, Linda but my poor mourning brain could only come up with this: Pat put “Pit” her pet on the pot! (no, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that both Terry Pratchett and his creation Death … Continue reading A One-Liner Stream of Consciousness Saturday

A “Happy Birthday” from “Love Is In Da Blog” to “SoCS”

My Darlings, the end is here 🙂 and I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful participation, your brilliant blog posts and just for sharing your creativity. I will write a conclusion tomorrow because today is dedicated to “Stream of Consciousness” and Linda’s “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” which had its first birthday yesterday. So please enjoy our combined prompt and link your posts both to … Continue reading A “Happy Birthday” from “Love Is In Da Blog” to “SoCS”

“Love Is In Da Blog” goes “SoCS”

My darlings, it is time again for some Stream of Consciousness writing and Linda and I have co-operated. And here is what came from it: (first posted on Friday 20/2/15 on “Linda G. Hill ~ Life in Progress“) “As a special feature for February’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, The Bee and I have decided to collaborate! As you may know, on her site – Just … Continue reading “Love Is In Da Blog” goes “SoCS”