#SoCS and #JusJoJan watch TV

Television, TV or Telly.... too vast a field I would say 😉 I used to love watching the tv. My parents and grandparents wound me up with saying "you'll get square eyes if you keep watching so much TV". Mind you judging from today's point of view it probably wasn't that much. There were only … Continue reading #SoCS and #JusJoJan watch TV

“A Sep” on #SoCS or am I a hypocrite?

When I first read Linda's prompt I thought of a cep. For all those who don't know: It's a delicious mushroom which is called "Stone mushroom" in German. But then I followed the link in her prompt: "Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sap/sep/sip/sop/sup.” Use one or all of these words … Continue reading “A Sep” on #SoCS or am I a hypocrite?

#SoCS is being mean (or maybe it means something…)

I need some Stream of Consciousness Saturday therapy my dear readers. So if you are here to have fun you better look for another #SoCS post. I don't want to be mean but I need to figure out what Brexit really means. Does my worrying about it get on your nerves? Well, sorry for that … Continue reading #SoCS is being mean (or maybe it means something…)

CAN ~ #SoCS 20.10.2018

Can I really write a post about "can"? Maybe I should leave it like that LOL. It would fulfil Linda's challenge to start and end the post with "can". However, I feel like writing a proper Stream of Consciousness post. I woke this morning at something about 4.30. Tossing and turning the whole night because … Continue reading CAN ~ #SoCS 20.10.2018

Precious ~ #SoCS 13.10.18

Sorry, my dear readers. I have wrecked my brain for something sophisticated or funny for today's Stream of Consciousness Saturday post but the only thing that comes to mind is: copyright: J.R.R. Tolkien, Film rights: Production company WingNut Films, The Saul Zaentz Company, Distributed by New Line Cinema There are some side effects when you … Continue reading Precious ~ #SoCS 13.10.18

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The Bee puts the Cards on the Table… #SoCS 6.10.18

I am always astonished when a saying is the same in English and in German. For example "Die Karten auf den Tisch legen" means " To put one's cards on the table". So many years living in an English speaking country and I never came across it. But it is pretty much the same. And … Continue reading The Bee puts the Cards on the Table… #SoCS 6.10.18

SoCS badge by Pamela, at https://achronicalofhope.com/

“Dom” a rambling of sorts…. #SoCS 29.9.18

So Linda has challenged us again with   something inspiring 🙂   "Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness   Saturday is “dom.” Use it as a word, or find a word   that starts or ends with it. Have fun!"         Dominantly intriguing Linda's prompts. Even though I have given myself a creative break … Continue reading “Dom” a rambling of sorts…. #SoCS 29.9.18

Why the Y? ~ ( #SoCS )

Linda has challenged us properly this week. Well, she probably does every week but I have been absent from #SoCS for so long I have no idea what is going on anyway. Do you think they let me back in? But what's her prompt? "Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “Why/Y.” Theme your … Continue reading Why the Y? ~ ( #SoCS )

#whatif & #SoCS on Saturday 17th, 2018

Just a little post to get me going. Have been discovering things about myself that are disturbing. Will let you know in time. It's distracting me a little but I have challenged myself to stick with it. To not run anymore but to do what I have set out to do. And what is important … Continue reading #whatif & #SoCS on Saturday 17th, 2018

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here and hears

The first thing that came into mind when I read Linda's prompt for these weeks "Stream of Consciousness Saturday" was the British parliament. It is quite an interactive one and it always makes me laugh: When ministers or politicians hold a speech and they say something their fellow party members agree with many of them … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday is here and hears