Distance ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ #VJWC

Ah, distance: That’s a vast field to cover and there is no pun intended ;-). I go for a poem today: Dancing along fault lines I create a squirming distance. So have I longed for transformation That I cannot recognise reality. Another dream vanished Near this unsolvable utopia. Chances are not even the dreamers Escape this brave new world There is such a distance between what … Continue reading Distance ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ #VJWC

Gathering ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ #VJWC

Yesterday, I wrote that I was challenged by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge prompt and today I have the same problem. What can I write about gatherings? I have read a couple of posts lately that have to do with family gatherings. We do not do family gatherings as such. Our families are just too far away: Mine is in Germany and Switzerland and the best … Continue reading Gathering ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ #VJWC


I have just written this morning’s #whatif prompt post. It makes me a little jittery with emotions that I obviously haven’t dealt with yet. But I realised that it fits perfectly in with VJ’s prompt. Attention or paying attention. One of my “tools” or coping strategies to survive the bad parts of my childhood was not to pay attention. Not to pay attention to my … Continue reading ATTENTION ~ VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE ~ #VJWC

Baseline ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ VJWC

So, I’ve lost sight of why I started to blog: I wanted to connect with others. I wanted to connect with people from all over the world. But then my mental health went mad. Again. Or I just hit a proper midlife crisis. Or it’s an awakening. Doesn’t matter what you call it. I lost sight of why I started to blog in the first … Continue reading Baseline ~ VJ’s Weekly Challenge ~ VJWC